jaz Faq's

Why are you always talking about God and stuff?My faith is no joke to me.  I truly believe in God.  I truly believe that Jesus died for my sins.  These two items are the catalyst for everything else in my life.  Everything I create.  Everything I love. My relationship with Jesus means EVERYTHING to me.  Anything good that comes from me- is a product of this love.Do you really make a living from ONLY art ?Yes! By the Grace of God, I make 100% of my living from my artwork.  At my day job ( At company X ) I am a waterpark designer.  I spend 75% of my day drawing and sculting features and the remainder using programs lie CAD and 3DS MAX to make water park renders. In my private studio, I create airbrush artwork for clients. - I love my life. So why the Airbrush?I originally wanted to tattoo but no one in NYC would apprentice me- I'm glad it worked out that way.How long have you been painting professionally ?By the Grace of God, September 2019 makes 17 years.Do you really make a living as an artist?Yep! 100 % of my income comes from art. Being considered a  "starving artist" is HOG WASH! either you hustle or you don't eat. period.