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Drawing is usually the first artistic endeavor for any kid.  Parents find it to be a useful way to keep kids entertained and somewhat quiet.  As you get older, less of your friends draw and then you find yourself surrounded by adults saying stuff like... "oh , you draw? I use to draw..."  and no matter how much you reassure them they still have the ability. They always shake their heads and say  "... nah... I can't draw anymore.  I think its bull -

Like someone magically turned off the " you can draw" button and you can no longer do what is natural - I prefer to see it  like the the scene in the matrix, "there is no spoon".  of course you can still draw!  It's no more about the pencil, pen or writing utensil than it is about the will to create.  Simply saying "I can't " puts a permanent roadblock in place for many.

The best advice I received in this area was - draw what you see- and after you memorize that, draw it the way you want. YES- IT'S IMPORTANT TO HONOR THE FORM-  But it's also important to enjoy creating it! I like to draw pretty girls ugly on purpose! I get a kick out of it! 

The majority of my illustrations begin in pencil on a napkin or random piece of paper I can find to write on- then I move to Photoshop and completely redraw the image.  This gives me a chance to experiment with many variations quickly, so i can determine the final output- be it Digital, Airbrush or Sculpture.