Jaz Davis Artworks

Jaz Davis Art and Design

Graphic Layout & Design

Photoshop, Illustrator Zbrush- Are all part of my daily art life.  Most of my paintings start out in photohop.  It's a great way to layout my design prior to the actual production.  That way, when it's go time- i already know where I'm Headed

3D Work

I began my 3D adventure working as a water park designer for company X.  Although overworked and under appreciated, I learned more in a year than I thought possible.  It gave me a solid foundation for the stuff I really wanted to make.

 The world of 3D offers me so much more when its time to render.  Before I started making 3D art, I was limited by the angle of the reference.  Now I can pick any angle.  

The imagination of an artist is A wonderful thing.  But when you pair imagination and unlimited digital resources- makes for a real game changer.