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MLK Jr. Timelapse

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Jaz Bio

   Jaz Davis is an Airbrush Illustrator & Graphic Designer with 18 years of professional work experience.   He makes 100% of his living from his art.  His artwork can literally be found from coast to coast, through life size murals on freight trucks, commissioned works on canvas and custom feature designs created  for the water park and film industry.  He began his career in 2001 in the NYC art district of Canal Street and worked his way west.  Apprenticing for established industry pros and learning the tricks of the trade. Currently he is specializing in the discipline of digital sculpting and focusing on the artistic enrichment of the surrounding community. He takes every opportunity to pass on this valuable knowledge to young people. Hoping to one day kill the stigma that art “isn’t a real job”.       

 Jaz spent  several years traveling the US-  living and creating art in places like Shreveport La, NYC, Honolulu Hawaii and Oakland California.  He currently reside in the Austin , Tx area.

“Honestly, I can’t take credit for any of my artistic victories. It’s all been accomplished by the Grace of God! It is my duty to represent him in everything I do- because without Jesus- I am nothing. Once I recognized what my gift was- I decided to whole-heartedly , dedicate Every Available moment to the perfection of my craft- and NEVER look back”- Jaz Davis