Jaz Bio

    Illustrator     Painter     Sculptor     Poet     Drummer     Idea Man

 Jaz Davis is an  Airbrush Illustrator & Graphic Designer with 17 years of professional work experience. His artwork can literally be found from coast to coast through life size murals on freight trucks, commissioned works on canvas and custom feature designs for the water park industry. 

 He begin his career in 2001 in the NYC art district of canal street  and worked his way west, apprenticing for established industry pros and learning the tricks of the trade. Currently he is specializing in the discipline of digital sculpting and  focusing on the artistic enrichment of the surrounding community.

Specialzed Skills

Airbrush Illustration

Digital sculpting

Pin striping Brush Work

Graphic design



Daz Studio

3D Studio Max

Adobe Suite


Jaz FAQ's

Why are you always talking about God and stuff?

My faith is no joke to me.  I truly believe in God.  I truly believe that Jesus died for my sins.  These two items are the catalyst for everything else in my life.  Everything I create.  Everything I love. My relationship with Jesus means EVERYTHING to me.  Anything good that comes from me- is a product of this love.

Do you really make a living from ONLY art ?

Yes! By the Grace of God, I make 100% of my living from my artwork.  At my day job ( At company X ) I am a waterpark designer.  I spend 75% of my day drawing and sculting features and the remainder using programs lie CAD and 3DS MAX to make water park renders. 

In my private studio, I create airbrush artwork for clients. - I love my life. 

So why the Airbrush?

I originally wanted to tattoo but no one in NYC would apprentice me- I'm glad it worked out that way.

How long have you been painting professionally ?

By the Grace of God, September 2019 makes 17 years.

Do you really make a living as an artist?

Yep! 100 % of my income comes from art. Being considered a  "starving artist" is HOG WASH! either you hustle or you don't eat. period.